INFOBANK Vol.XLV/No.541/Mei 2023

In the main focus rubric, this edition of INFOBANK describes The Best Bank Service Excellence 2023: bank services in the midst of the US banking storm, where the 10 best banking rankings in various categories are presented here. The Profile rubric reviews Jatmiko Krisna Santosa Main Director of PTPN V, who has successfully led a massive transformation, which has changed the face of PTPN V to be much better than before. Then, in the Multifinance Review, it discusses Octopus astra in the financing business, then in the rubric banking technology reviews the independence of domestic credit card transactions, which is committed not to depend on foreign principals by launching the GPN logo for credit cards, what will happen to foreign credit card principals in Indonesia? Are you curious about the full contents…., let’s read the magazine in Reference Room L.2.