The UNDIP Faculty of Economics and Business Library was initiated after the establishment of the UNDIP Faculty of Economics and Business campus on March 14, 1960. Along with the formation of the UNDIP Faculty of Economics and Business, which was previously known as the Academy of Commerce, which is a continuation of the Academy of Commerce, Semarang University, there are several collections of books. . But at that time it could not be said to be a library, because the components were not yet complete and had not been served to users.

Furthermore, in 1967 a library was officially established at the Faculty of Economics and Business UNDIP which at that time was still called the Research and Service Bureau (BPP) with a total library collection of approximately 11,136 copies, which consisted of books mainly on the economic field. At that time the library of the Faculty of Economics and Business UNDIP occupied a room or building on Jalan Bojong (Pemuda) Semarang, then in 1975, the library moved to the Pleburan campus by occupying a small room at FEB UNDIP which is currently used as a room for Lecturers majoring in Management.

1992 was a new history for the FEB UNDIP Library because the library occupied its own library space. The UNDIP FEB Library building with 2 (two) floors, assisted by the Student Parent Consultative Body (BMOM) with an area of ​​365 m2 was inaugurated on February 28, 1992, by the Chancellor of UNDIP who at that time was held by Prof. dr. Moeljono S. Trastotenojo.

In August 2010 the FEB UNDIP Library moved from the Pleburan campus to the Tembalang campus. In 2011 along with the 51st Anniversary of FEB UNDIP (March 2011), the FEB UNDIP Library received assistance in the form of books and shelves from the Djarum Foundation as a form of educational service. The book donations were 110 titles/329 copies, while the shelves were 96 pieces.