Each user must comply with the following rules:
1. Show KAP at the time of entry to the reference, and when borrowing and returning books.
2. KAP for any reason cannot be loaned to other people. If it is proven that the KAP has lent to someone else, the KAP will be detained for one month, and those who take it must be students who have the KAP.
3. Fill in attendance by writing down your identity and signature on the attendance list.
4. Not allowed:
   a. Bring in bags, folders, printed books into the reading/circulation room.
   b. Wear flip-flops, jackets, collarless shirts in the library.
5. Be polite and dress appropriately and maintain calm, order and security.
6. No act of abuse of the collection of the FEB UNDIP Library, in the form of:
   a. Theft, for example: intentionally taking collections in the FEB UNDIP Library in any way, as well as other items and other useful items that are not his property.
   b. Collection tearing (mutilation), for example folding collection pages, cutting pages either with scissors, cutter, or tearing directly.
   c. Unauthorized borrowing of collections, for example: bringing collections without the officer's permission or without going through the correct procedure.
   d. Crime (vandalism), for example: scribbling collections with stationery (markers, ballpoints, highlighters, pencils, and the like).
7. Comply with all applicable regulations at the FEB UNDIP Library.