Free Library Loan Service is a letter explaining that the student concerned does not have a collection loan dependent or fine at the Library of the Faculty of Economics and Business, Diponegoro University. Every student of the Faculty of Economics and Business who has completed their studies and is about to register for graduation, is required to attach a replacement letter for library-free information (faculty library-free letter) as one of the prerequisites.

To be able to get this letter, students can submit or fill out a letter submission link at the link by attaching requirements in the form of (1) Library Member Card and (2) Thesis/Thesis/Dissertation CD Receipt or letter proof of self-upload of thesis/thesis/dissertation.

For students who are also registered as members at the Bank Indonesia Library, they are also required to attach a library-free letter from the Bank Indonesia Library when filling out the link to the Substitute Library-Free statement. For further information on the procedure for submitting this letter, please contact the library’s online helpdesk at 081390353131 (Heru)