Lecturers and employees of FEB UNDIP are registered automatically to become library mem-
bers. All FEB UNDIP students can take advantage of library facilities and services after
becoming a member of the library. The Library Member Card (KAP) functions like a KTM which 
is valid until the student is declared to have passed and is library-free. Every time you 
enter the library, you must bring your KAP. Library member registration requirements are 
as follows:
1. Regular Undergraduate Student Submit a single sheet of 2x3 black and white or color 
2. Postgraduate Students (MM, MAKSI, MIESP, S3) and PPA
   Registration can be done collectively through the program or private registration. 
   The condition is to submit student biodata and a black and white or color photo, 
   size 2 x 3, one sheet.

Lost Library Member Card (KAP) Procedure:
1. Immediately report to the librarian so that it is immediately blocked so that KAP is 
   not used by others.
2. Manage the creation of a new KAP by collecting 2 x 3 black and white or color photos 
   on one sheet through the officer.

Meanwhile, visitors from outside FEB UNDIP can access the library by registering beforehand 
and meeting the applicable requirements. Reading Cards for foreign members are valid for 6 
months from the date of registration. Visitors from outside FEB UNDIP (especially from outsi-
de the city), can make a reading card that is valid for one day by registering at Circulation
on the 1st floor of the Laboratory building by showing a valid identity card.