The function of library service activities is to act as a bridge between the library materials owned by the library and the users who need them. An important factor for the success of the library is good relations with users, through positive service, complete collections and comfortable facilities, positive impressions will be recorded by users of the library. A great library is a library that can develop long-term relationships with users. If users are satisfied with the services or collections they have, they will have the potential to recommend the library to their friends, because of the importance of this, the FEB library has held a library meeting with the theme “User Communication: Establish Closeness, Realize Excellent Service” with inviting representatives from both undergraduate and postgraduate programs to explore their needs for libraries, as a basis for evaluating library services, collections and facilities.

The library meeting was held on Wednesday, November 23, 2022, from 10.00 to 12.00, which was attended by 35 participants, from various study programs at FEB Undip both S1 and S2, the event began with re-registration, and filling in dorprise coupons, then at 10.00 the event started, guided by MC Elok Inajati, SH. The first event was the opening, followed by the presentation of material on the Introduction to the FEB Library by Nila Nurjanah, S.Sos, in that session it was explained, the types of services available in the FEB library, the existing collections and the facilities in the library that can be accessed by students , the event continued with discussions and workshops, where students were given the opportunity to express their opinions on the FEB library, both criticism and suggestions, many inputs were submitted by users to the library, including:

  1. AKBAR / Prodi MM 60
  • Provide library membership card input with a more modern design, not using laminating, with a smaller size so it can fit in a wallet.
  • In the integrated library below, ask for help to write/paste the WIFI login and password so that students can access it immediately without asking the staff.
  • The conditions and facilities of the integrated library are still very simple, it needs to be designed more modern and attractive.
  • The book collection is not up to date, most of the books are old publications, please provide the latest books.
  • Many students do not know the location of the integrated library, and do not know its services, collections and facilities.
  • After listening to Mrs. Nila’s presentation, it turned out that there are many FEB library service facilities offered by students, but most students do not know about them.
  • Proposal that it may be necessary to hold an integrated library socialization for postgraduate students every year.
  1. CLARA / Jur Akuntansi 2020
  • The computers on the 2nd floor, after being turned on, many cannot be opened. Proposals that may be damaged should not be displayed or written down, so that students will know about it.
  1. NOVIANA / Jur Manajemen 2021
  • Library break hours sometimes make us uncomfortable, because sometimes when we are excited to study we are asked to go out because there are recess hours, thus disturbing our concentration.
  • If there really has to be a rest period, each floor please provide chairs and waiting tables, especially on the 1st and 3rd floors where there are no waiting chairs.
  1. MADE/ MM 60
  • The proposed library membership card is put together with the student card so it’s not complicated to have to make it again.
  • The integrated library asks for circulation services so we can borrow books more closely.
  1. MAULIDIA / Ilmu Ekonomi 2018
  • Borrow books if you can add to the number.
  • The friendliness of the service staff needs to be improved, especially on the 2nd floor.
  1. SYAFIRA / EKIS 2019
  • The library service hours are proposed to be extended until evening.
  • Library services as a whole are good, complete and modern.
  1. BERTHA / Jur Akuntansi 2021
  • Library facilities are good, service is also friendly.
  • A little suggestion, please add the collection with the latest collections.

List of Dorprise and Quiz Recipients:

  1. Khusnul Irsyad
  2. Silvia Rosa M
  3. Eko Wiji Lesatari
  4. Zulfikar
  5. Dea Ikhtiara