The development of information is increasingly rapid, making it easier for users to obtain a variety of information, libraries as managers and providers of information must be able to respond to changes in user behavior in obtaining such information. To fulfill this, many universities have developed a repository to manage final projects, be it  theses, dissertations or other scientific works, so that students can access them more easily, including the Undip Faculty of Economics and Business. Repositories in Colleges have a very important role. In addition to storing scientific papers produced by students, the repository also functions to increase Webometrics rankings in order to realize a World Class University. 1152/UN.7.5.2/TU/2019 that students are required to upload independently and submit CDs in a certain format to the FEB library, to socialize and assist students to make it easier to upload independently, the FEB Library holds an NGOPI (Full Inspirational Talk) ) with the theme of smart way self upload The event was held on Friday, October 28, 2022, 10:00 – 11:30 at the digital library room 3rd floor, with speakers Agus Susilo and Arief Eryka Zendy, S.S.

This event was attended by approximately 20 visitors, who were very enthusiastic about participating in the event until it was finished. Today’s NGOPI begins at 10.00 with the MC (Nila Nurjanah, S.Sos), begins with the opening and reading of prayers, then the delivery of material 1 by Agus Susilo who describes the preparation of the files to be uploaded, how many files must be uploaded. upload, file naming, page numbering, and how to arrange bookmarks, then continued with material 2 delivered by Arief Eryka Zendy, S.S about the independent upload process, how to create an account, get an independent upload login, and the steps for uploading.In this second session, independent uploading practices were also carried out, in the last session there were discussions and questions and answers, some questions that arose were from Tsabita, EKIS student 2018, how to make 16 files, did they all just cut into pieces or vice versa, then from Alfaroh majoring in Management 2018, regarding the email used whether it should be sso email or email in general.