Information literacy for FEB library users is very important to improve user skills in utilizing information sources in the library independently and equip users with adequate and appropriate techniques, to find the information they need.

For that, on Thursday, September 29, 2022, a Library Socialization was held with the topic of information literacy at the FEB Undip library reference unit, in collaboration with the FEB Undip student senate, which was located in the Meeting Hall Building C, the event started at 09.30 – 12.00. with resource persons Mr. Gunawan K (Library staff in the Reference Unit) and Mrs. Elok Inajati, SH (Librarian of the Reference Unit).

This event was attended by approximately 60 students, most of whom were final year students, the users were very enthusiastic about participating in this event until it was finished. Information Literacy was opened by MC Ms. Shafa Shafina from the student senate, then remarks from the chairman of the committee by Ms. Diah Safitri, and continued by the chairperson of the FEB Undip student senate Mas Yusuf Rausyan Fikri This morning’s information literacy event was hosted by moderator Mas Rizki Fajar Triaji, the first session was delivering material by Mr. Gunawan K, regarding the preparation of independent upload materials and the process of submitting CDs and uploading them to the repository, as a condition for obtaining a free library letter.

Then the second session of material presentation by Mrs. Elok Inajati SH, about the facilities available in the FEB library reference unit and how to use them, then in the third session there were open questions and answers and discussions, the users were quite enthusiastic in asking questions in this session so that the discussion took place more lively. Then at the end of the event closed with a prayer together so that the knowledge conveyed can be absorbed and useful, and continued with a group photo session.Thank you to all the visitors who have followed today’s event to the end, see you at the next event which is more exciting with a more interesting theme.