On Monday, September 5, 2022, a library instruction user education event was held for FEB Undip students with the topic of using E-Books owned by Faculty of Economics and Business Library. The topics discussed, for example: what are the collections of e-books, how to create an account to access e-books on the campus network, the required software, how to access them, then how to download them (step by step or only temporarily). The event was held in the Digilib Room, FEB Library floor. 3, at 09.00 – 10.30 WIB with lecturers from the Undip FEB Library staff (Inita Sahlimar S.E. and Sulamul Hadi).The purpose of holding this event is to socialize the digital book collection of the Faculty of Economics and Business Library, so that it can be utilized optimally by students. This event was attended by 20 visitors. Today’s user education begins at 09.00 with the opening and reading of prayers, then the delivery of the 1st material about what the FEB Library e-books are and how to use them. Next is the presentation of the 2nd material by Sulamul Hadi about the practice of accessing e-books by showing the video tutorial The 3rd session was discussion and question and answer. One of the questions that arose was whether these e-books could be accessed in all places, be it outside campus? The explanation was given by the speaker that e-books belonging to the FEB library can be accessed outside the campus, but students must register first by creating an account on campus. If you already have a login, students can access it anywhere and anytime for 24 hours. The enthusiasm of users for digital collections has spurred the FEB Library to always improve to complete digital collections and make it easier for students to access them. E-books are preferred by students and lecturers, because they are easier to access, faster, more effective, portable, and can be read anywhere even with their smartphones.